Friday, December 3, 2010

A Quick Fix Party Game

Sometimes it happens that you have to organize a party in a jiffy and you are damn busy with the cooking and serving part.You do not have enough time to entertain the guests properly.You cannot even plan a game for them so as to keep them busy with it because it ultimately requires your attention in explaining,executing and then the most time consuming part checking the answers and all (especially for paper games).

I found a game exactly for such times and thought of sharing it.You will have to do nothing except get printed copies of the game,provide stationary and go and set up the table until the guests are busy.The guests will keep themselves and each other entertained with this game.

And, in case you have ample time and are not busy, the fun is double.While the guests are busy solving you can have a great time watching people playing it.

The fun the game involves can only be understood if you yourself give it a try right now.So right now print the instructions below and grab a pen and proceed further.Let's see how fast can you do it.

So here goes the game.


  1. Read everything before doing anything.
  2. Put your name in the upper right hand corner of the paper.
  3. Circle the word "Name" in number 2.
  4. Draw five small squares in the upper left-hand corner of the paper.
  5. Put an "X" in each square mentioned in number 4.
  6. Put a circle around each square.
  7. Sign your name under the title of this page.
  8. After the title write 'Yes','Yes','Yes'.
  9. Put a circle around number 7.
  10. Put an "X" in the lower left hand corner of this page.
  11. Draw a triangle around the "X".
  12. On the back of this page ,multiply 70 x 30.
  13. Draw a circle around the word "paper" in number 4.
  14. Loudly call out your first name when you get to this pont in the test.
  15. If you think you have carefully followed directions,call out "I have".
  16. On the reverse side of this page,add 107 and 278.
  17. Stand up.
  18. Put a circle around your answer to this problem.
  19. Sit down.
  20. Write from 1 to 10 backwards at the bottom of this page.
  21. Punch three holes in the paper with your pen point.
  22. If you are the first person to get this far,write down,"I am the leader in following directions".
  23. Underline all the even numbers on the left hand side of this page.
  24. Now that you have finished reading carefully,do only sentence one and two,and
  25. Fold the paper in the middle.

It is so much fun especially for the host.It's a great idea to keep a camcorder ready if you are free and record people doing all the funny things and the grins that follow on realizing the actual game........:)

A great game if you have a big gathering.

p.s.-And Please by any chance "DO NOT" participate in the poll at the bottom of this post...........;D

Until next time,
Keep Smiling.


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