Thursday, December 20, 2012

Evening gown handmade birthday party invitation - A tutorial

Hey everyone,
                    I'm so delighted to share with you, a handmade birthday party invitation card, I made for a little girl in the neighborhood.It turned up real cute and I love it.It is a handmade dress card.So I've taken time to put together a tutorial for you ,if you want to make the same.
                     Here is what the card looks like.

To make one you'll need-
White chart paper
Decorative paper for the dress (Golden and lemon yellow in my case)
Ribbon of your colour choice
Binder clips
Scallop scissors (those that create a wavy edge)
Thin piece of card
Some patience..........LOL (And unfortunately this is not available at the stores)

Step 1 - Make a template for your card on a thin piece of card.Mine measure 4.5cm at the top horizontal line and 13cm at the bottom most horizontal line.Cut it out.I so wish I was a pro and could make a pdf template for you, so that you could have straight away downloaded it.But unfortunately I don't know how to do that and probably don't have the software.So I guess you'll have to draw taking help from the picture.Sorry.However if you can help me with how to make a pdf template,I'd appreciate that.

Step 2 - Make some mini bows out of ribbon.I used 2 colours to add some interest.

Step 3 - Place the template on your white chart paper and trace the outlines.Cut it out.
Take the decorative paper and cut it into size 13cm by 18 cm.Use scalloped scissors at one of the longer side to give it a wavy pattern.So that the dress gets that wavy look at the bottom instead of a straight line.Fan fold it(=Make pleats).
With the help of the template trace the top portion of the dress on the golden paper and cut it out too.

Step 4 - Cut out two thin pieces of paper to make the straps of the gown and paste it on the chart paper as shown below using fevicol.Next paste the top portion of the gown on the chart paper.

Step 5 - Pinch the pleated paper from the top to give it the shape of the dress.You can pinch it with your hand.I have used the binder clip because my hands were busy with the camera.

Step 6 - Apply fevicol on the lower portion of the dress and paste the pleated paper.The binder clip will help keep the paper in place.

Step 7 - Squish the pleated paper at the top portion a little bit so that it is easier to glue the ribbon.Cover the joint with a piece of ribbon and glue it in place.The ends will go behind the back.

Step 8 - Glue the tiny bow in the middle of the ribbon.

Step 9 - Place this card on the white chart paper and trace the outline.Cut out the shape.

Step 10 - Write the sentiment or invite on this piece of chart paper and paste it on the back side of the evening gown and Voila,you're done..........:)
Please note that you may have to adjust the length of the white paper by 1/4 to 1/2 cm(i.e. shorten it),so that the white paper doesn't peeps through from the front side.

The card and it's back.I so love them.They are super cute and real smart and funky.The little girl for whose birthday it was made loved it.I hope her guests who'll receive the card love it too........:)

 And now some more pics.

Wohoo!! I made so many.I still have to make a few more.

This can also be made into a regular card by following the above steps and pasting this dress on a folded piece of paper.Your card will have a 3-D appeal.This can again be used to make the file/ folders, required to be made at ladies meet or kitty parties, by gluing it on top of the file.Or can be the cover page of your kids scrap book.The possibilities are immense.

What do you think about them?Do leave me a comment.Hope you enjoyed and it helped if you actually made one.Any feedback or suggestions or ideas for improvement are welcome.And don't forget to follow us on Facebook,Pinterest,Google+ to stay connected and get latest updates.......:)

Until next time,
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