Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to make a post box / letter box (model) for kids school project

                I'm sharing today pics of the post box we made for a school project.Hope these might help you if you were looking for a "how to" on that.

Material required -
Thin card
Red coloured paper
Some lids
A pair of scissor
Some paper for making envelopes (optional)

Procedure -

Start by cutting a thin card and red paper into a rectangular shape.
NOTE -Parental supervision is required here.

Paste them on top of each other and cut a slit on the top and a window at the bottom as shown below.

Using two plastic lids(same size),shape the thin card into a cylindrical shape.The lids are being used to add some stability to the structure.We also made some teeny meeny envelopes from scraps of paper.

Then we used another two lids.One to give it a platform and the other one to make the top part.Finding the top lid was a bit difficult but we found a transparent cover of some ice cream sundae and it worked well for us after painting it red.

And there we have it.Our finished post box.It looked cute with mini envelopes.We also pasted some notes about the collection time etc.With a small piece of black paper we made a shade.So this is our tutorial for today on how to make a post box or letter box for kids school project.Hope it helps.

P.S. You can reduce the height and use it as a pen stand by not fixing the top cover or even a post box piggy bank by using the slot for mails to drop in the money.I think that will look cute too.What do you say?

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