Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas advent calendar for kids

I made this fun Xmas advent calendar loaded with a lot of activities for kids this Xmas.We started a bit late this year as I was busy with a wedding in the family.So we started it from the 12th and will continue till Xmas.

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Each day has a new and perhaps interesting activity for the li'l ones.I used my white board and wrote down all the dates and then simply wrote some random "Post it" notes and pasted them one for each date.Then to make it look interesting and a bit appealing I decorated it with some magnets.........:).........Simple isn't it.

I'll show you a close up of some of the notes......

The one on the left says-Game night(not stretching beyond 9 P.M.),while the right one reads-Colouring/Painting Day.

Left one-Make and decorate picture frames.Right one-Donate to the less privileged.

The note for day 18 says-Have lunch in the LAWN.The note for day 19 says-Know about a different religion/culture and its festivals.

Some of the post it notes have been left blank.They are waiting for your suggestions.......:)
So please oblige......Waiting for some really funny/really kiddy suggestions.

Planning it was fun.Now let's see how do the kids react to this.
Merry Xmas to all of you too...........:)
Until next time,
Keep smiling.


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