Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Birthday invitation cards for boys - Guitar shaped cards

Hey everyone,

Today I'm posting some pics of an invite that I made for a cool dude's birthday.Designing cards for guys is always challenging, but then a lot of fun too, as you have to use a lot of imagination. I always make birthday party invitations for little kids,instead of buying them from store and delight ( I hope so,  :p) the recipients.

So here are some of the pics.


These are guitar shaped boxes,closed with a ribbon and the invite is written inside the box.

The above picture shows one of the guitar box when opened.I have stamped the invite on the inside of the box - the blue, slightly blurred area.

And here is a close up pic.I embossed the top of the guitars using an embossing folder and embellished it using some li'l rhinestones and glitter pens.The ribbon helps in keeping the box closed.

So that's it.Happy with my little creations and they are flying away soon to some little and tween guests.

What do you think of them?Do leave me a comment.Hope you enjoyed and thanks for dropping by.Any feedback or suggestions or ideas for improvement are welcome.And don't forget to follow us on Facebook,Pinterest,Google+ to stay connected and get latest updates.......:)

Until next time,
Happy crafting
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Linking this post to  Challenge#47 Lulupu's 3rd Birthday Special - Moodboard Inspiration
- techniques (embossing)
- materials (ribbon)
- embellishments (rhinestones)
- shapes (guitar shaped)
- the number 3 - my card when opened comes apart in 3 parts - the box,it's lid and a piece of ribbon.


  1. Hey Mihika, thats quite new and innovative ! Thanks for joining us in Lulupu Birthday Challenge !:)

    1. Thanks Dolly Bhattacharjee........... Loved your feedback....... :)

  2. Hey!! loved the invites!! these are soo coool!
    Thanks for joining us in the Lulupu's Birthday Celebrations!! Good Luck

    1. Thanks Manu Gupta......
      And thanks for dropping by....... :)

  3. Love the trendy neon invites Mihika! Thanks for joining us at the Lulupu's Birthday Bash!! Good Luck!

    1. Thanks Tanvi Shah........So glad to hear that..... :)



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