Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Olympics craft idea - make a ribbon rose clip

Hello there,
      Olympics 2012 is about to begin and it's a good time to teach kids about them.So I have started with telling them about the Olympics rings.Simple enough to help them remember the colour of the rings and their sequence.
       I just made five ribbon roses and glued them on top of a back clip and am ready to show them......

Olympics craft to teach kids

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Version 2 - How to make a "Rakhi" for rakhi making competitions in schools

Hello everyone,
This is another version of the rakhi / rakhee I posted yesterday and probably easier one if your child can handle needle and thread.

If you missed out the earlier version I posted yesterday,you can find it by clicking on the pic below.

Rakhi making instructions - version 1

Material required -
- Beaded Lace
- Organza ribbon
- Matching thread and a needle
- Stones/buttons for decorating the center
- Piece of ribbon
- Glue

Friday, July 20, 2012

How to make a "Rakhi" for rakhi making competitions in schools

Hello everyone,
   I have come up with another, I would rather say, "half tutorial" on making rakhi / rakhee for the competitions held in various kids schools across the country.However you can use the tutorial in making hair clips or rings also....:)

Material required -
- Beaded Lace (6 inches).If you can't find it you can use ribbon or ordinary lace as well
- Matching thread and a needle
- Fabric roses or stones for decorating the center
- Piece of ribbon
- Glue

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Minnie mouse clips - DIY

Hello there,
        I made these lil minnie mouse clips.They were easy to put together and took me just 15 minutes.To make these you'll need -

- Velvet cloth of your colour choice
- Some ribbon
- Clips
- Glue gun

First of all,cut the velvet in a minnie mouse shape.For this either, use a template available on the net or draw a circle for the face and two smaller circles for the ears.

 Next make bows out of ribbons.

Minnie mouse material required

Now just glue everything into place and you're done.Your clip is ready to be used by some darling girl....Easy peasy it is.Isn't it?

Minnie mouse clips

That's it for now.You can post the pics of this clip, if you make one, on our Facebook page......:)

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Until next time,
Take care
^ , ^

Friday, July 6, 2012

Wheels on the bus prop / School bus prop

Hi everyone,

We made a bus prop for the popular nursery rhyme "The wheels on the bus".For this we took a small carton and covered it up with the brown tape.However my advice to you is to use a clear tape for the brown tape bled colour afterwards and we had to do double layers of the yellow paper.So cover the carton completely with transparent tape to give it strength.

Cardboard box bus
Then cover it up completely with yellow chart paper.And paste white paper to make windows and doors.The frame of the windows has been made by using some black tape.The lights are circles cut out of red velvet cloth and the wheels are again of some thin card with black paper pasted on them.As it is made from recycled material we pasted some cartoon figures cut out from some local kids magazines (Junior chandamama).Finally make holes on the top part and insert ribbons to let a child wear it as can be seen in the pics below.
School bus made of cardboard box left side

School bus made of cardboard box right side
This is how this is to be worn by a child.

School bus prop

Hope it helps if you plan to make one.
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Until next time,
Keep smiling

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rainbow flower hair clips - Tutorial

Hey everyone,
I just completed this cute li'l rainbow ribbon flower clip and am ready with the pics.......:)

Rainbow ribbon flower clips

It is easy and I hope the directions are clear from the pics.So first things first.Lets get started with the material required-

7 Ribbon pieces 4 cm long in various colours of your choice.
A small piece of felt
Clip or hairband
Glue gun
Decorative button
Snap buttons/titch buttons(optional)

So to start with take the ribbon and cut 7 pieces of each colour measuring 4 cm long.

Ribbon pieces
Next place a dot of hot glue at the end of a piece.


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