Saturday, September 29, 2012

Handmade invitation card for kitty / Ladies meet

Hello everyone,
This is a quick post on a hand made invitation card made for a ladies meet with the theme "Festivals".These are some of the pics that I took and I'm not really sure if the camera could capture the look and feel of the card.It is a kind of a dimensional card with flaps that interlock and when opened they reveal the invitation card.

Invitation card for theme parties.

Here is another pic of how it will look like when opened.For the time being I have placed a blank paper.The invitation will be printed and pasted later.

Handmade invitation card when opened.
And here is the last and final shot a close up one,to show you I also punched the border to give it an extra delicate look.

The dimensional handmade invitation card for kitty and ladies meet.
Hope you liked it.I may add some embellishment and will post further pics if I do so.

P.S. As promised I'm posting the final pics of the card.....

The handmade invite for festive theme ladies meet

And when opened it looks like this.......

The card when opened.

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And,Oh Yes!Is anybody interested in a tutorial on this......???

Until next time,
Keep smiling .
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