Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to make a beautiful handmade teacher's day card

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         After a long while, I'm back with an easy tutorial for a teacher's day card.It turned up nice and pretty.And the best aspect is it's 3D appearance.It looks like a box and as soon as you open the box.......bang , the box opens up and the walls start moving and slowly go down to reveal the beautiful inside of the card.This card can be made for any occasion and not just teachers day,like birthdays,anniversaries,invitation cards for ladies meet,kitty parties etc.

Another card -

So if you want to know how to make an elegant card which opens as a surprise for the recipient here is the tutorial to make it.

Material Required-
Handmade paper (red and green in my case) or any cardstock or thick paper
Fevicol,ruler,pencil,gel pens for writing
Embellishments (Ribbon,gem stones,paper flowers etc)

Skills required-
If you can handle measurements with rulers and scissors you can easily nail it.These cards were made by a fifth grader and a second grader with little help from outside.

Step by step tutorial for making the teachers day homemade card-

Step 1 -Take your handmade paper and cut it to the dimension 12" * 12" square.Then draw 2 horizontal lines(red lines) and 2 vertical lines (also red lines)  4 inches apart.I'm demonstrating on plain white paper so that you can see the lines really well.You can straightaway make the lines on your handmade or decorative paper.

Step 2- Now cut off the four corner piece(where it is written "Reject this piece")

Step 3-  Now you will be left with a piece that looks like this.Save the corner four pieces.
Let me tell you why.
If you use a paper that's double sided and has print on both the sides,you don't need those 4 pieces as the inside of the box is already nice and pretty.But hand made papers are usually very rough on the reverse side.It spoils the inside look of your card.So what I did was paste those 4 scrap pieces back on the 4 walls, so that the box had the same outer and inner shine.I also cut a 4*4 " square to cover the middle part.
Another alternate option that you have is to repeat steps 1-3 on another sheet of handmade paper and then glue the two of them back to back.

Step 4- This piece can now be folded like the picture below so that it starts looking like the beginning of the box.
Ignore my sun tanned hand.Next time I'll hire a professional model to hold my cards ....... ;)

Step 5-  The box is almost ready now.Now we'll start working on the lid.For this take a piece of 6" * 6" square paper.Then draw the red lines at 0.9"

 This will leave you a square in the middle with a size of 4.2" by 4.2"

 Step 6- Now with a pair of scissors cut the red line where SNIP is written.

 Step 7- Now you have to turn that piece of paper where "SNIP" is written to the other side and paste using fevicol so that it starts to look like a lid.See picture below.

 WOW! Your card is ready.Now all that is left is decorating the card.You can embellish your card as much as you want or as little as you want.I'm putting below some more pictures of the embellished cards.

 We used border dies and used the bigshot machine to cut out borders and other shapes.Used rhinestones and ribbons to decorate the box.Which teacher's heart won't melt on receiving this card.

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  1. wow!!!! Very clearly explained, made it look so easy. Thanks

  2. Awesome Idea. Can u tell me where can V get handmade papers? Awaiting for ur reply. Thanks Suhasini

    1. Thanks Suhasini,You can easily get the handmade papers at any stationary shop.They usually come as sheets.Just ask for handmade paper.Hope this helps.

  3. Gud one I like it nd I'll definitely gonna try this..thnku for being so innovate😊😊😊

  4. Used the idea to create a homemade birthday card for my young 3rd grader's teacher. She is going to love it. Your instructions made it very easy to make. We had a blast creating. Her teacher will have a blast opening it up!!!



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