Friday, April 14, 2017

CAS card

Hey everyone,
             I hope you are having a beautiful day.Today I had been playing around with my Tim Holtz tattered floral dies and distress inks and ended up making a simple yet beautiful card.I gave away this card to a little girl who'll gift it to her drawing teacher as the teacher is going away.

So here are a couple of pics which I clicked before giving it away.

I began with simple white cardstock cut it out using the tim Holtz dies,assembled the flower, shaped it a bit and inked the edges blue.Then I placed a blue button in the centre and this completed my flower.Then I took a blue piece of cardstock matted it with a pink printed paper and placed my flower bang in the center and Voila! my card is done.

I hope you liked my simple card.Please drop by your comments on ways I can improve my inking techniques.I'd appreciate that.And thanks for dropping by.Have an amazingly beautiful day.

Until next time,
Happy crafting
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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Distress ink and distress oxides tags

Hey everyone,
               Sharing with you a very simple tag today.This can also be used as a bookmark.Was playing with my inks and so I'll be posting pics of some super simple projects,tags,cards and layouts that I'd be making over the next few days.

Started with a white sheet of paper and ended up with this.In love with theses inks.Hope you like it.I'm new to using distress inks and oxide inks so drop me a feedback on ways to improve.

Until next time,
Happy crafting
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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hand bag shaped album

Hey everyone,
           Today I'm sharing some pics and video of an album I made for a tween-ager recently.It's a handbag shaped album and I'm pretty happy with the way it has turned up.So here are some of the pics.



The front view of my mini album.

When the hand bag is opened it looks like this.

A waterfall arrangement to hold a lot of pics.

Tags with belly bands to document pictures and documenting memories.

Inside pages- very pretty,very girly..

Some diagonal pockets and bottom pockets to hold tags,pictures,memorabilia etc.

Tags with cute charms to hold pics.

Mini books inside the pockets with a lot of tags.

More place to store pictures and document memories.

Some tags in the side pockets.

The completed album.Love it...

And here is the video which takes you through the album.Take a hot mug of coffee and may be some cookies and enjoy the video.

I hope you liked the album as much as we did.Thanks for dropping by.Keep coming back for more.
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Until next time.
Keep smiling.Keep crafting.
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Friday, October 9, 2015

Handmade baby girl album

Hi everyone,
              Super excited to share with you an album that I made for a new mommy.And as a first I'm also sharing a You Tube video which lets you peep through the inside.
              But since this is my first you tube upload,there are some resolution issues.I'll try to see what can be done about it.So please bear with the picture quality and excuse me....... The video that I have on my laptop is so much better and crystal clear.

Also sharing with you some of the pics of my album.....

The cover page-

 The inside pages-


Hope you liked it.Do leave us a comment.We love feed backs...

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Until next time.
Keep smiling.
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ideas for handmade rakhi making competitions in schools

Hello everyone,
                 Posting today a rakhi that a little girl made this year for her rakhi making competiotion in school.It was easy and the end result was beautiful.I only taught her how to make it and she assembled everything from scratch on her own,in the school,using the paper strips,beads and other materials.

It turned out lovely and she was delighted to use it on rakshabandhan.Handmade things are the best and they add to the bonding between individuals.

Thanks for dropping by.We love feedbacks.Do drop a comment on some ideas and suggestions.Have a great day everyone.
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Take care.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Birthday invitation cards for boys - Guitar shaped cards

Hey everyone,

Today I'm posting some pics of an invite that I made for a cool dude's birthday.Designing cards for guys is always challenging, but then a lot of fun too, as you have to use a lot of imagination. I always make birthday party invitations for little kids,instead of buying them from store and delight ( I hope so,  :p) the recipients.

So here are some of the pics.


These are guitar shaped boxes,closed with a ribbon and the invite is written inside the box.

The above picture shows one of the guitar box when opened.I have stamped the invite on the inside of the box - the blue, slightly blurred area.

And here is a close up pic.I embossed the top of the guitars using an embossing folder and embellished it using some li'l rhinestones and glitter pens.The ribbon helps in keeping the box closed.

So that's it.Happy with my little creations and they are flying away soon to some little and tween guests.

What do you think of them?Do leave me a comment.Hope you enjoyed and thanks for dropping by.Any feedback or suggestions or ideas for improvement are welcome.And don't forget to follow us on Facebook,Pinterest,Google+ to stay connected and get latest updates.......:)

Until next time,
Happy crafting
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- techniques (embossing)
- materials (ribbon)
- embellishments (rhinestones)
- shapes (guitar shaped)
- the number 3 - my card when opened comes apart in 3 parts - the box,it's lid and a piece of ribbon.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's day couple game for formal parties

Hello everyone,
                    Valentine's day is round the corner.So today I'm sharing with you a couple game for valentine's day.It is very simple,all you need is a bowl,some rice and some titch buttons.

How to play-

You'll need some metal or plastic titch buttons like the ones in the pic below.


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