Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's day couple game for formal parties

Hello everyone,
                    Valentine's day is round the corner.So today I'm sharing with you a couple game for valentine's day.It is very simple,all you need is a bowl,some rice and some titch buttons.

How to play-

You'll need some metal or plastic titch buttons like the ones in the pic below.

First of all separate the two corresponding parts of titch buttons. 

Then in a large bowl, mix rice with the now separated titch buttons.Invite the couples to play.The male member of each couple has to find the two corresponding parts of the titch button, snap them back to make a complete unit and the female member has to arrange them in the shape of a  "V"
.At the end of a minute the couple's whose "V" is the longest wins.

Simple.Wasn't it?

Believe me it is loads of fun as the participants try to find the corresponding parts of the titch button.And to add to the fun you could mix some other metal buttons or do not mix all the corresponding parts of the titch button.Let there be more of one side than the other.Do share your experiences if you try this game at your party.

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Until next time.
Have a great time.
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