Saturday, April 21, 2012

First aid box for kids school

Hello everyone,
                          We made this first aid box for a school assignment.It was done by a fourth grader.There is nothing fancy about it.Just a simple normal box, but it is being posted to give other parents a quick general idea for the same project.

So we started with a shoe box,covered it with white paper all over,used red sticky tape to make plus signs.Used decorative silver tape to make the edges look tidier.We also jotted down some emergency details on one side like the family doctor's name,emergency telephone numbers,blood group of the family members,allergies.You can add more details.......:)

Then we made partitions with another cardboard box and covered them in white paper too.And put
in the medicines.

Then my son asked me for adding a pair of scissors.I told him I did not have a spare one,and at 10 in the night we couldn't even buy one,to which he said,"Ok,I'll make one".And I was like how on earth can you make a scissor?????

He traced around our existing scissors and cut around it.And as it was a dummy first aid box,that was perfectly acceptable.Sometimes kids can come up with the most innovative solutions.He also cut a tab out of a piece of paper and pasted both the ends and slipped the scissor inside.See how it looks-

At the end of it we added a paper handle to one side.....:)We also slipped in a

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Balloon arrangements - Rainbow theme party

I created these balloon arrangements for a kids birthday party.These can also be used for a rainbow theme party.Unfortunately I could not get the blue coloured balloons.So here it is...
Rainbow balloon arch

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Hope you enjoyed......
Until next time,
Keep smiling.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flower invitation card for birthdays - A Tutorial

Ok,so I made this birthday invitation card for a kid this year.Spring is the season right now and so here comes a card shaped as flower.Not only did it delight the (almost) nine year old host,but also all the guests who received them.

A flower invitation card for birthday

Below is the back of the flower invitation card.
Birthday invitation card back

So if you want to learn how to make this pretty card, here is a list of the required material-

 2 Paper strips of your colour choice(I took red)- 20"long and 2" wide (I used thin handmade paper)

A silver circular piece of paper - 2 and 3/4 inches in diameter
A white circular piece of paper - 5 and 1/4 inches in diameter


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