Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flower invitation card for birthdays - A Tutorial

Ok,so I made this birthday invitation card for a kid this year.Spring is the season right now and so here comes a card shaped as flower.Not only did it delight the (almost) nine year old host,but also all the guests who received them.

A flower invitation card for birthday

Below is the back of the flower invitation card.
Birthday invitation card back

So if you want to learn how to make this pretty card, here is a list of the required material-

 2 Paper strips of your colour choice(I took red)- 20"long and 2" wide (I used thin handmade paper)

A silver circular piece of paper - 2 and 3/4 inches in diameter
A white circular piece of paper - 5 and 1/4 inches in diameter

A small piece of green paper for the leaf
Gel pens
A pair of scissors
Green floral tape
Bamboo stick

Material required
 So to begin with,first take the two red strips and pleat them,which is like "fan fold" them as shown below.The paper will look like accordian folds.If you are not sure of this step,google search "fan folding a paper"
Fan folding the strips

Do the same with the other strip of paper and lay both the strips as shown in the picture below.
Pleated stips of paper
Now glue the two pleated strips together to make a single long strip.
Pleated strips pasted together
 Then, glue the two free ends to give it a round shape.
Joining the two free ends
It will look something like this-
The flower outline
Then glue the silver circular piece of paper right in the center.
Flower top completed
Then take the piece of bamboo stick and cover it with green floral tape,or for that matter even any green coloured paper strip/green ribbon will do.
Stick with floral ribbon
Write your matter on the white circular piece of paper.
Back of the card
And paste the stick and the above circular piece to the back of the flower top you had created earlier.
The final back of your card
Paste a leaf to the stem and you are done.......Yipee!!! A beautiful card........:)

Flower B'Day invitation card

And that's it.Hope you enjoyed as much as I did making them........:)

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Keep smiling.



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