Saturday, April 5, 2014

How to make a spring (flower) birthday invitation card for kids party or make a card for kids school competitions

Hello everyone,

          I made this pretty simple and straightforward party invitation card for a young boy's birthday party.It was fun to make and turned up pretty cute.

Supplies required -

Decorative paper (for the front)
White paper for the back(I used printer A4 paper)
Green paper for the leaves
Any coloured paper for the butterflies
Floral tape
Bamboo sticks
Big shot machine(optional)
Cherry Lynn french pastry doily dies (optional)

Steps for making the card -

Step 1- Using the big shot and the very pretty Cherry Lynn french pastry dies,I  cut out doilies for the front of the card in red paper.If you do not have the big shot,don't loose heart,you can still make the card by simple creating a free hand shape on the decorative paper or use loads of free templates available on the net.Trace them or print them on your paper and trim to get the desired shape.

Step 2- I wrapped the floral tape on the bamboo sticks and pasted two leaves on each stem which were free-hand cut.

Step 3- I printed the invite on A4 sheet,drew a circle around them and trimmed them using a scissor.

Step 4- Also made some butterflies out of orange paper using a butterfly punch.I folded them in the middle and pasted just the folded part to make them look like they are fluttering. I hope you can make out from the pictures.

Step 5- The final step is to glue everything down together.First I stuck the red front part to the bamboo stick,then pasted the white invite on the back.And voila the card is done!

                            Pretty easy and pretty cute wasn't it.I hope the li'l guests they are passed on to like them too.This card can also be used for spring themed party or for school card making competitions or for teachers on teachers day or as a gift topper or a greeting card.The possibilities are endless.Do tell me what do you think about it and suggestions to improve are always welcome on this blog...........:)

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Until next time,
Happy crafting.
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