Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Quiz/Party game : Flowers

Nature lover....???Love the beautiful sight of  flowers.....???Go to flower shows once in a while.....???Let's check........:).In this quiz you have to guess the name of flowers.Tricky one for some people and an easy one for others who are fond of gardening.So give it a try or use it at a party/kitty/ladies meet.....

Hint : Flame of forest  -        Gulmohar

1. A hollow cylinder + Rose
2. Brings life to a mud pond
3. The first 3 letters mean a kitchen utensil
4.Symbol of purity
5. Donald Duck's girlfriend
6. Linked with a U.S. state
7. A delicious vegetable of the winter
8. Princess
9. It's the coolest one
10. You find it normally in villas
11. Begins with a happy mood
12. Used in abundance in marriages
13. The first three alphabets are a vehicle
14. The universe
15. Loves to live in a button hole
16. A rainbow colour
17. Queen of night
18. The last two letters mean an animal
19. Has narcotic effect
20. Children love it the most

All the best.If you wish you can leave the answers of as many as you can crack as comments.Please do not google search.That's not the spirit......:)

The answers to this party game are out now.You can find them here.

Until next time.
Take care and help nature.

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