Friday, July 11, 2014

Monsoon theme party : Card,folder,decoration,games,competition for ladies meet / kitty party

Hey everyone,
                  Since monsoon has hit the country at this time of the year,it is the favourite theme of parties these days.I have dug up some old pictures of a party that we hosted a long time ago and sharing them here.

The backdrop was done like this.These were all made up of paper and painted thereafter.

Some umbrellas were arranged with a lamp behind them on the floor.

Another umbrella was arranged with some flowers in another corner.

To add to the monsoon effect we placed some garden umbrellas for guests seating and it was a huge hit.

 The invitation cards for the guests looked like this.I have a separate post on it.You can find it by clicking HERE.

A very talented lady made some folders for the senior ladies.

For the games we had some paper games and a group game in which the groups were given a chart paper and some glitters,sequins,coloured paper,glue,some colours etc.Every group had to create a scene depicting monsoon.

Then we also had an umbrella decoration competition in which the participants had to bring an umbrella decorated from home.The lady with the best decorated umbrella was crowned with the monsoon queen title.
And we had some very talented ladies with their creations.Sharing some of the pics from there.

So that's it for today.Hope you enjoyed going through the post.Do leave me a comment if you found the ideas useful and, it helped you in organizing your own party.

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Have a great day everyone.
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