Monday, May 6, 2013

How to make a paper mache model / sculpture of Taj Mahal for kids school projects

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                Today I'm sharing with you some pictures of a paper mache model a fifth grader made.He did it mostly on his own with a little supervision.The topic given to him was - make a paper mache sculpture.Since he was reading Indian monuments at the time, he  was interested in making a model of Taj Mahal.So this is a 3D paper mache model of Taj Mahal,our very own beautiful Taj,built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, as it stands proudly in the new seven wonders of the world list.

Material required - 
Cardboard boxes of appropriate sizes
Aluminium foil inner cardboard tubes
News papers
Paper napkins
Fevicryl acrylic white colour
Cello tape
Glue gun (optional)

 Steps to make the paper mache model -

Step 1- Collect the required material.You'll need some old cartons,one of a big size to be used as a base for the entire structure;And another smaller one to make the main body of the Taj.Then we also collected some paper tubes.You can use the aluminium foil tubes once you run out of the foil.We,however used tubes which were left from the plastic sheets for covering the books for school.However if you cannot find any paper tubes,don't panic and roll some newspaper and tape them to make paper tubes and they will work just fine.


Step 2- Cut out the base of the larger box.

Step 3- Tape the base you just cut so that the flaps don't keep opening up as you can see from the picture below.Next make a large newspaper ball to make the top part of the monument.Also cut out smaller cardboard pieces to make the side walls and fold them a bit.

Step 4-Make some smaller paper balls and with some cello tape paste them on the side walls.Then paste the four paper tubes on the four corners of the base to make the minarets.We used glue gun for this part as they get glued instantly.(Pease note that glue guns are not for kids.This should be done by an adult because they are extremely hot).However,you can use fevicol and leave it for a while so that they glue well.Then make some even smaller balls for the top of the four minarets just built by your paper tubes.Roll some newspaper and tape it at regular interval on your minarets to give them some dimension.

Step 5- And now comes the paper mache part.Tear your paper napkins into small bits.Make a mixture of four part fevicol with one part of water.Add more water if the paste is too thick and difficult to work with.Now coat a part of the structure with the fevicol water mix and paste the paper napkin on top of it.Using brush, gently coat the top of the napkin you just stuck with your fevicol water mixture.Keep doing this until every bit and corner is covered.This is going to take some time but will make your model solid and rock hard.

Adding another picture.I hope that makes things clear.

Step 6- Once done,your model should look like this.We also added some tiny paper balls on top of the middle structure and some wire (actually pipe cleaners) to give it more dimension.Let this thing dry for several hours(best - leave it over night).

Step 7- And now the fun part,loved by the kids - paint.Paint, paint and more paint.We used Fevicryl hobby ideas, acrylic colours and painted everything white.

Step 8- Once you have finished painting,the job is done and your model of the lovely Taj Mahal is almost ready.Using a permanent marker we highlighted the main entrance and windows and other such features.

 Hope we helped you with our instructions,if you intended to make one.

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