Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Surprise gift

          Meena is a domestic help.She earns a little while working a lot.She lives in a large joint family and despite all the hardship life throws at her,she manages to laugh her worries away.And that is the best part of her.She has two kids and a husband who is rather a monster and beats her up on trivial issues like once when she had mislaid her mobile.

          Meena started working for a family that had just shifted.After a couple of months Meena requested the lady in that house to buy her a wrist watch from the market which she wanted to gift to her brother for his birthday.Her brother had an estranged relationship with her husband which is why she couldn't go and buy the watch herself.She planned to secretly send the watch to her brother by courier.

        The lady went to the market and got a beautiful wrist watch struggling hard to get the maximum features in her given range.The watch was a beautiful one.It had a big white dial and a golden chain adorned it.Packed in a beautiful box it was no doubt an expensive present going by her earning standards.

          When Meena was handed over the watch she was overjoyed and thanked the lady.She went back home and gift wrapped it and hid it in a trunk to be sent to her brother the next day.She was very happy that entire day.

           As luck would have it the watch was discovered by her ever so suspicious husband.He shouted for Meena and asked her,"where the hell did you get this from?",holding the box in one hand.His eyes were burning and his expressions told Meena that she was going to get a big thrashing for her act.

           "Thisssss......",she stammered.
           "You found it."
           "This was for you.I wanted to give it to you as a surprise gift."

The tension that had built up in the house was released and smiles prevailed everywhere.The husband was happy and the wife was relieved.

Moral of the story-When you get a surprise gift,double check the reason behind it...............;)



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