Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby gift : Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake

I made a different kind of a cake for my new born niece this year.A cake which she can start using right now....;)It had diapers,teethers,baby bottle,handkerchiefs,baby dresses,socks,some random toys.I mean it had all the little things meant to be gifts for baby assembled together as a cake.I am sharing some pics if you wanna know how this diaper cake was put together. 

The first tier of the diaper cake was set on a pretty tray.

Then I added two more tier of diapers and inserted a smiley stick in the center.

Embellished it with ribbons and tied a pull string musical toy to it.

Added some more gifts and useful things like baby bottle and teethers.

This was a baby sock which I turned into a pretty flower.

Isn't it cute???

Some more flower buds which will adorn a cute baby's feet.

Some handkerchief for baby were converted into small candles.They were placed randomly to adorn the cake.You can find instructions on how to make these from this link-How to make handkerchief candles.

The diaper cake in its full glory.........:)

Enjoyed making my first diaper cake a lot.It was not only pretty at sight but had all the useful things too and I loved it.

So, until next time,
Keep gifting in style :)

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