Monday, February 21, 2011

Fun food art - II

I got some fresh ideas and pics for the fun food presentation during parties, to be displayed on the serving trays alongside the snacks.So here are the pics.Check them out.

Pineapple flower with a candy

Cucumber Curls

Lemon Smiley.

An Apple Swan.

Penguin made of Brinjal (Aubergine) and fitted with a party cap.

A bird in Cabbage nest.

Another pineapple flower in a different shape.

A Cucumber Curl

Cucumber and carrot curls.

Radish curls shaped into a bird....:)

Hope you enjoyed as much as I enjoyed preparing for them.You can also check a very good website with loads of wonderful creations at

Until next time.
Take care.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fun food art - I

Presenting food with style.

Often when we invite people for a formal dinner we serve loads of snacks.And it does involve a lot of serving and running around with tray in our hands.This time when I did the party I planned to surprise my guests by putting on display a little bit of food art.The guests were not only delighted and entertained through the evening but so generously showered their praises that it did away with my fatigue of running around and made my evening.Encouraged by their sweet li'l words I'm sharing with you some of the pics that I managed to click through the busy time.

First came the curly ribbons placed randomly in the tray.

These were made of radish and carrots.

Something made out of a lemon.Cannot decide what it is............;)........Can you???

Tried it for the first time.A penguin made of brinjal (Aubergine)

Cute li'l fellow.

Then came the cucumber and radish curly ribbons once again.

Little candles sitting on the tray made with two pieces of washcloth were the final presentation.

You can find instructions on how to make these handkerchief candles from here.

So this is it.Do tell me what you think of them.Will add more pics when I get new ideas and host a party again.Try them out in a party of yours and people will remember you for quite a while.......You can also check a very good website with loads of wonderful creations at

Until next time,
Take care.


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