Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quiz : Computers

This quiz is for everyone - All those who use computers once in a while or for those who are geeks........:)

These are A to Z terms related to computers,Internet and IT technology in general.
I have tried to make it as easy as possible.See how many can you get......Time allowed - 3 minutes........Yes just 3 minutes which includes typing the answers,because everyone can get all of them in more than that.So see how many you can get in 3 minutes;)Be honest..........:D

A  - It's a fruit
B  - Wireless technology
C  - Way of talking over the net
D  -  To transfer from an online source to your computer
E  - Used to communicate via mail
F  - Social networking website
G  - The most popular search engine
H  - The language of web pages
I  - The global system of interconnected computers
J  - It's a programming language
K  - A board of keys
L  - A portable computer
M  - Malicious software eg virus,worms,Trojans etc
N  - Used for burning CD’s
O  - Social networking site owned by google
P  - Used for authentication purposes
Q  - Multimedia technology used for creating and storing sound graphics and movie files.
R  - Temporary memory of computer,lost when system is shut down.
S  - Computer program
T  - Stay connected by following others or being followed
U  - Ctrl + Z on edit menu
V  - Something you don’t want to get on computer
W  - A combination of Web and video camera
X  - Operating system produced by Microsoft
Y  - Video sharing site owned by Google
Z  - A compressed file

You can leave your answers as comments.

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Until next time,
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  1. Here are my answers:

    A - Apple
    B - Bluetooth
    C - Chat
    D - download
    E - Email
    F - Facebook
    G - Google
    H - HTML
    I - Internet
    J - Java
    K - Keyboard
    L - Laptop
    M - malware
    N - Nero
    O - Orkut
    P - Password
    Q - QuickTime
    R - RAM
    S - Computer program
    T - Twitter
    U - Undo
    V - Virus
    W - Web Cam
    X - XP
    Y - Youtube
    Z - Zip (WinZIP)

  2. @ Supriya-OMG,you got them all right dear.Now what are the other people going to do who visit this page...........;D......I'll have to post another quiz for them.......LOL......BTW the answer to "S" should be reconsidered.You are very close to the answer.
    Well done......:D

  3. @ Mihika Di - Ohh ithot i answered all . but i guess i missed it s .. but i am not sure the answer for this one .. is it SQL ??actually i can think of lot many things like skype, etc... but i give up.. so ur quiz is still not completely solved.

  4. @Everyone-I am not going to put a separate post for answers to this quiz.Supriya got all of them correct, but for "S".For s it is Software.
    Well done Supriya.....:D



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