Monday, September 27, 2010

The beginning

Every time when I browsed through the net and came across some really good sites,some really good piece of work, I had this urge of sharing and letting everyone know of the good work.So this blog is for everyone who can share information.Anyone who has a big enough heart to share is welcome.

So to start with I found this beautiful concept of "Lunch box notes"for kids.
I just gave it a try and now my kids love it.I started giving notes to my elder kid since he was in Lower Kinder Garden.He absolutely loved the idea.It added some colour to his small world reminding him that he was loved and cared for.

When my younger daughter started going to school my son instructed me the first day itself "Mumma aap usse bhi lunch note dena".I started giving her and along with the picture I used to jot down some small messages like "I love you","Waiting for you back home","You are a cutie cat".

I wasn't sure whether it was being read or noticed until i met her teacher on the first PTM.And she told me "It's so sweet of you to send the small tiffin notes.Your daughter loves them and shows them off to all her friends and they are all so excited and happy."

So all  mummas out here i want you to give it a try .Your kids are going to love you for that and this will be a part of their fond childhood memories forever.

They are easy to find and their are a load of websites offering them.You can easily print these out,cut them out(I do this part in bulk :D)and put them in their lunch packs or shirt pockets or pencil cases or socks or anywhere else.You can find them here,here,here and here.

Tell me if you like the idea I'll keep posting more of these.
So until next time goodbye and take care.

Loads of happiness and laughter.


  1. Nice idea, nicely presented. This post realises me how beautiful experience parenting would be !
    thanks for sharing

  2. I like the idea sweetheart, but u will make me buy a color printer for this!!!! Also i feel my kid is a bit old for it!!!!

  3. @Mk Thanks and All the best future papa to be.
    @Anshika No she isn't.Just do it once for her and see her reaction.You can do it atleast once for her.Plz do it.plz plz.Only once...

  4. Thanks for being mother of my kids.

  5. That's such a sweet idea...I loved it and can't wait to start using it with Mihika....thanks for sharing !

  6. @Prach Thanks.....
    @Brijesh :D
    @Monika You are welcome sweety.....

  7. hey mihika .... u r simply great ... cuming up with blog like this is commendable ... u know y we r still friends ... coz we have sumthing in common ... that is i do da same with my son , not daily though but still ..he loves it ...n he cums home with this curve spread wide on his face ... love to c that .... u r superb ... n this idea is wow ....a super duper wow ...
    love u mihika .. u r a darling

  8. @ Brijesh - good effort at maska marna!!! Hamara Gabbar (Mihika) to khush ho gaya hoga!!!

  9. Thanks Puja.I am so glad to know that you do it for Subh.Tell me exactly what you do for him and share with us all those sites.I wud love to hear....

  10. @Anshu di - Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....................

  11. i will show this blog to ma wife definitely mihika di.....

  12. @Varad Ok so now even I'm waiting for her arrival......:)
    All the best.........

  13. Mihika, it's a marvelous idea and such a good parenting tip on bonding.

  14. Thanks Nur.I agree.Kids just love it.....:)



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