Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quiz : Money Matters

How many times do you pull out your purse and give or receive the piece of paper called Rupee? No, think about it - On an average day how many times do you use the money- while paying the bills, getting the salary, buying your kid an ice cream, sparing a thought for the street beggar or using an ATM ?
A lot many times , you would say. But how well do you know your currency ,let’s check. No, No don’t reach out for your purse. Please be honest and don’t cheat. You can post your answers as comments. And please don’t start Google searching. I am not the host of  KBC and am not promising you a single penny :D .So cheating in any case won’t solve any purpose. Rather it’s going to spoil the  party for other people. This is just a fun Quiz. Enjoy.

Quiz : Money Matters

Please note that these Q’s are applicable only on the currently used “Mahatma Gandhi ” series.

1.   Name the tree that is seen on the reverse side of a Rs.20 note.

2.   Which Indian currency has green as the main colour?

3.   Which Indian note has an image of the Himalayas printed on it?

4.   What image/picture do you see on the reverse side of a Rs.5 note?

5.   Which Indian currency is blue-green at centre,brown-purple at two sides?

6.   Which Indian note has the very famous “Dandi march” picture printed on it?

7.   What image is printed on the reverse side of  a Rs.50 note?

8.   Which Indian currency note is olive and yellow in colour?

9.   What image is printed on the reverse side of a Rs.1000 note?

10. Which Indian coin shows two stocks of wheat?

11. Which Indian currency note has the pictures of rhinoceros, elephant and tiger?

12. Which Indian currency note has orange violet as the main colour?

13. Each bank note has its amount written in how many languages?

14. If you know answer to Q13 then how many languages on the obverse side?

15.If you know answer to Q13 then how many languages on the reverse side?

Post your answers as comments.

The answers to this quiz will be posted in a while.

P.S.The answers to the quiz are out now.You can find them here.


  1. Hum itne bhi MONEY MINDED nahi hain!!!!

  2. @Anshika Well you did send me the answers.Q1 and Q12 answers were not right.Rest all were correct.But you still don't get a credit bcaz you didn't do it on your own.
    And then I agree with you that we tend to take some things in life for granted and don't even notice things which we later say-haa how cud i not know this. :D
    So start noticing all the details kyunki KBC shuru hone wala mere bhai aur koi bhi Q chota nahi hota ;D
    BTW for yr information one of this Q was actually asked on KBC.....

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Oye yeh itne saare Q kahan se sonch liye tune....mujhe to ek bhi nahin aata...shame on me...:(

  5. @Monika Don't say that.Before penning down this quiz I too didn't know half the answers.... :D



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