Friday, October 1, 2010

Answers to Quiz : Money Matters

The answers to - Quiz : Money Matters are out.People found this quiz tougher than the Civil Services Exams ;) .So next time I'll come up with an easier one.But give it a thought-You are dying to earn something,willing to sacrifice yourself,your health and your family for which you don't even have the time to look at :(

Anyways, here are the answers :D

1. Name the tree that is seen on the reverse side of a Rs.20 note.
             Palm tree

2. Which Indian currency has green as the main colour?
             Rs. 5            

3.   Which Indian note has an image of the Himalayas printed on it?        
               Rs. 100

4. What image/picture do you see on the reverse side of a Rs. 5 note?
            A tractor

5.   Which Indian currency is blue-green at centre , brown-purple at two sides?
             Rs. 100

6.  Which Indian note has the very famous “Dandi march” picture printed on it?
              Rs. 500
7.   What image is printed on the reverse side of  a Rs. 50 note?
             Parliament of India

8. Which Indian currency note is olive and yellow in colour?

 9.  What image is printed on the reverse side of a Rs. 1000 note?                         
              An artificial satellite,a girl who uses personal computer,economy of India.

10.Which Indian coin shows two stocks of wheat?
              Re. 1 coin

11.Which Indian currency note has the pictures of rhinoceros, elephant and tiger?
            Rs. 10 note
 12.   Which Indian currency note has orange violet as the main colour?
               Rs. 10 note
 13.   Each bank note has its amount written in how many languages?
              17 languages

14.   If you know answer to Q13 then how many languages on the obverse side?
              Two (English and Hindi)
 15.   If you know answer to Q13 then how many languages on the reverse side?
             Fifteen(Assamese,Bengali,Gujarati,Kannada,Kashmiri,Konkani,Malayalam,Marathi,Nepali,Oriya,Punjabi,Sanskrit,Tamil,Telugu and Urdu.)

For further information,details and pics,you can visit Wikipedia from here.

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  1. Q 15 was asked in KBC for Rs.50 lakhs and the participant had to quit as he had no clue....:(



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