Friday, May 17, 2013

How to make a 12 / 24 hour clock of thermocol / cardboard / cd for school project

Hello everyone,

              This is the first "guest post" of my blog.A little kid,a fourth grader made this 12 hour / 24 hour thermocol clock and I invited him over to write this post.This is also a good project for doing a best out of the waste kind of thing.The kid was in charge of everything from completing the project to taking the pictures.So without further ado here is the post.Over to him.

I have made a thermocol clock by first cutting out a piece of thermocol.

Then with the help of a compass,I marked the center point.The next step is make a groove at the back of thermocol.  

Then I removed the needles(by pulling them out) from the clock assembly and inserted the machine in the groove at the back of the thermocol as shown.You can use an old clock for getting the machine part or you could get it from the store where they sell clocks.They are easily available.  


On the opposite side,I pasted a paper and wrote the numbers 1 to12 in the outer circle & 13 to 24 in the inner circle.Therefore the clock can be read in both the 12 hour and 24 hour formats.Then I fixed the needles in the machine - first the hour one then the minute one and then the seconds one.  

So this was the project.Hope you can also make it!!!

See you soon,bye.

Well Thanks lil kiddo for writing this up.And that's it.The first guest post from a little kid .And yes you can also use a piece of cardboard or a CD to make this project.......:)
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Until next time.
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