Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cake and birthday party : How to make a unique handmade birthday party invite.

Hey everyone,

                 I'm super excited to share with you a handmade party invite, I created for a girl's birthday party.This card is surely gonna win the hearts of the invited guests.

It goes out as a slice of cake placed on a paper plate and accompanied with the invitation card.

So if you want to learn how to make this beautiful and stylish way to invite people,continue reading.....:)

Material required-

Paper plates
Handmade paper
Glue gun or any glue like fevicol
Thin cardboard to draw the template on
Dies and die cutting machine(optional)


Step 1- Make your own template with the help of the picture below on a thin piece of card.There are a lot of printable templates available online too.Optionally, you could use them.I created my own because they did not suit my requirement.

It looks complicated but trust me ,it is actually easy.Start with the middle triangle and draw the 6 cm line.At both the ends draw lines at 75 degrees.The lines will meet at a point and will be approx 11 cm long.Then on all three sides draw lines that are 4.5 cm long and at 90 degrees.Connect the lines to make the side walls. Thereafter create little tabs by taking help from the picture above and below.The parts highlighted with yellow colour in the pic below are the parts that I 'm referring as tabs.

Step 2- Once you have created the template cut at the red lines.Then copy this template on the paper you want to make the cake base with(on the wrong side).Cut at the red lines.

Step 3- Score(fold) this paper at the green lines towards you.You will begin to see the shape of the cake piece ,after scoring at the green lines.Stick the tabs appropriately to give it the final shape.It will look something like this.

Make as many of these,as the number of cards you want to make.

After creating so many,I saw an opportunity here and grabbed it instantly ,and taught a little kid some fractions and maths......LOL.

Step 4- Once the base is ready, all that is left is to decorate it as per your choice.I added a strip of brown paper to make the middle chocolate layer and added a piece of chocolate brown paper after embossing it, on the top for the icing.

Step 5- I cut out some flourishes with the bigshot die cutting machine in golden paper and added them to the top.

Step 6- Then I cut out a swirly rose using a die and added it to the top.Cut out an orange paper with the scalloped squares die and pasted on it another scalloped square cut white paper after printing the invite.I glued all this on top of a fancy paper plate from THEMEZ ONLY . They have got some very good stuff there.

And Yippee !!!!  your party invite is ready.

Here is the top view of the card.

From the other side.Hmmmm I think it looks good.Happy.

Here is a close up of the piece of cake

And the order for the cards kept on swelling and I ended up making 22 of them........22,did I just said 22........OMG.I think I'm qualified now to take bulk orders ...... :p..........he he he......

I'm like getting tons of compliments from the recipients of these cards.I'm happy they realize the amount of effort, I had put in making each one of these cards.Love them.

I firmly believe that handmade gifts and things are just priceless.

Would love to get some feedback and comments from you.Thanks for dropping by.
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Until next time.
Keep smiling.
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  1. Absolutely adorable! I know the invitees will be so excited about the party with that great mood you set with all 22 of those....Wow!!
    Thanks so much for sharing this week at HIMCR. We hope to see you back very soon!
    Hiding in My Craft Room Design Team
    Queen Bee Paper Crafts

    1. Thanks Roberta.Yes,the kids and the parents were absolutely delighted with the cards........HIMCR is a great place.Will keep visiting back regularly.
      Have a great day.....

  2. This is such a clever idea for a birthday invite and you have been so busy. Great idea embossing the chocolate icing. I have emailed you about the theme of the Unstampabelles challenge. :-)

    1. Thanks Merry.Yes,I got the mail.Thanks for writing in.
      Have a great day.....

  3. Thanks Deanne.You have an awesome blog too.Love your pretty cards.....:)

  4. Great effort...and love the results...found you from the Itsy Bitsy blog!!
    faabulous piece of cake...wish it was real!!! Slurrp!! :p

    1. Thanks so much Tejal.I'm sooooo glad to hear that.......:)

  5. Really very nice idea. Thanks a lot...

  6. Hi..grt idea for an invite even I want to make it for my son's birthday... In a way I am stealing ur idea...there are many such easy n unique ideas...awesome...

  7. Hi..grt idea for an invite even I want to make it for my son's birthday... In a way I am stealing ur idea...there are many such easy n unique ideas...awesome...



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