Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spiral ribbon hair clips tutorial

Do you want to learn how to make this pretty korker bow clip for little girls?It is fairly simple and looks elegant.

Material Required-
Glue gun/needle and thread
Round piece of felt (1'' in diameter)
A clip(preferably alligator clips)
Round shaped pencils
Fabric stiffener(eg. Revive-I used the liquid one)

So to begin with, take a piece of
ribbon of your choice and wrap it around a round pencil in a spiral fashion and put clothespin at the ends as shown in the picture below.

And oh yes!!  I forgot to tell you when to start this project.....:)
If you have enough patience, you can start this project at any time of the day.But if you are a very impatient person like me, who wants to see the results, it's better to do the next part after dinner.The reason is---

you have to wet this pencil ribbon thing with a fabric stiffener.I used half a spoon of the stiffener and mixed it with 5-6 spoons of water and soaked them for around 5 minutes and then this part-"LEAVE IT TO DRY"

So yes the "after dinner part".The reason is I would run every 30 minutes or so and check if it has dried and whether the spirals are taking shape or not.......:(.......So if you do it after dinner the spirals would be at peace with themselves and they can rest and by the morning when you wake up they would have dried and taken shape.......LOL

And you'll be left with something snake like on removing the clips and pencils and it should look like this. 

Half the battle won......Hurray!!!Now just take your round piece of felt(or for that matter any slightly thick fabric would be fine) and start cutting the spiral ribbon into shorter lengths.I cut most of them at about 3 spirals each.Heat seal the free ends of the ribbons by passing them over a flame to avoid fraying.Then arrange your spirals as shown below onto the felt.You can either glue them using a glue gun or you could hold the center point after arranging all the spirals and sew them with a needle and thread.This part is a little tricky,needs patience and you'll have to play around with the spirals to get the correct position.I admit that I was quiet busy doing this and forgot to take pictures.So if you have trouble leave a comment below and I'll try and redo the project and add more pics.However I'm telling you if you keep playing around adjusting here and there you'll get it.I also fixed some smaller spirals(1 spiral long) in the empty spots to give it a fuller look.You can trim the ribbon from the free end(around the circle) to give the bow a better,rounded look.

Now hot glue(or sew) a clip on the reverse side of the bow and you are ready to put the clip on a little girls hair.
This project can also be used to make gift toppers,greeting cards.Glue the bow to a small bangle and use it as a curtain ring,fix them on napkin rings and brighten your dinner table.The possibilities are endless.If you have any doubts leave a comment below,I'll try and fix them.If you liked the post hit the like button below and share with friends.

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