Monday, March 19, 2012

DIY - Diamond rings for kids..........Well almost!!!!!!

Has your child ever made a demand for a big diamond ring?Well, if she has,then you are at the right place.We will make easy rings for little girls with a big diamond on top(Yeah,actually quite close).

So all we need is -
A big bead (the hanging one kinds.See pic.)
Some thick string/paracord(6")
A piece of felt(or any fabric will do)
An old ring/adjustable rings


Now,take the piece of felt and cut it in a circular shape.Mine is roughly one and a half cm. in diameter.Cut a slit in the center and insert the ring as shown.This will create a ring base.

 Then wrap the paracord or the thick string in a spiral fashion starting from center and paste it on the ring base.
 Finally put the big stone on the top.I trimmed the part which is used for hanging before sticking it to the base
Tadaa......The ring with a big diamond...;)  is ready......:).

Make more in different colours and delight your child.........Wish, I was a lil butterfly sitting by the window and watch the excitement,joy and surprise on your lil ones face when you hand her over one of these.

You can post pics of your rings, if you make them on Ideas out of the mist's Facebook page..

So until next time,
Keep spreading the smiles.
^ ,^

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