Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vegetable flowers (Fun food art - III)

Capsicum and tomato flower

A little, very colourful flower, made up of capsicums and tomatoes to brighten up a salad plate or a kids dinner.
I used heart shaped
cookie cutters and arranged them as above.They looked cute and the kids loved it.Later on as I made pulao(rice with loads of veggies), I threw all the heart shapes into it and at dinner time announced-I have put some lucky hearts in your dinner tonight,the lucky people will find them,and the kids had a great time hunting them.

 I have also been reading about the approaching Saint Patrick's Day a lot since last few days.I googled about it and in order to explain it to my kids, I made these flowers out of capsicum alone.For all those who don't know, Saint Patrick's day is on Saturday,17th March and is celebrated in Ireland.I love the way everything is green for the festival and the associated "lucky clover".

So we made our own lucky clover using capsicums.This can also be a great craft for kids for St. Patrick's day.The four leaf clover is considered a symbol of good luck.May this lil veggie lucky clover shower its luck on you too.......:)

Lucky clover
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We also had fun time creating these carrot and capsicum fishes and later on adding speech bubbles to it. 

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