Friday, September 7, 2012

Diwali themed handmade invitation card

Hello friends,

                   Today I'm sharing this Diwali themed invitation card I made several years ago and chanced upon these pics only today.So without further ado here are the pics -

Diwali themed invitation card

The inside of the card looked like this.It had a pocket with wavy edges and a card printed on glossy paper was inserted inside.

Inside of Diwali invitation card
We also bought a clay thali from a local craftsman, got it painted in golden and then I used glitter tubes on the design to kind of bring it out.

The clay thali painted golden
So the card in the thali looked something like this.We had also added some fancy diyas which are not pictured here.

Diwali themed invitation card in the thali

So that's it for today.Hope you liked it.And stay tuned for regular updates by following us on Facebook , Google+ and Pinterest.

Until next time,
Take care.
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