Monday, September 10, 2012

"Fun" party quiz / paper game / Word game

Hey everyone,
                                   Realized that I hadn't posted a quiz since ages.So doing it right now.It's a simple,fun quiz which can be used at a social gathering / ladies meets / kitty parties / birthday parties etc...........

All, the participants have to do, is to guess the answer and it should contain the word "FUN".The word "Fun" can appear at the beginning,middle or at the end.An example has been done for you to make things clear....

1. Pay back my money!  Refund
2. Not functioning.
3. Formal celebration.
4. A channel used for pouring.
5. Causing laughter.
6. For social causes.
7. Failure to work normally.
8. Practical and useful.
9. Modern and stylish.
10. Basics.
11. Aided.
12. The ultimate truth.
13. An inflammatory condition.
14. A sum of money saved
15. Capable of curing.

It's super easy and most people will get most of them.......:) 

If you wish you can post the answers as comments.If  you want to find more such paper games scroll to the top of the page and click on the Quiz and party games tab.You'll find many more listed there.

P.S. The answers to this quiz have been posted now.You can find them HERE.

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Until next time,
Keep smiling.
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