Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Couple Games / Ice Breaker Games for parties -1 Where are Cinderella's slippers

Hey everyone!
                 I hope everyone is having a great day.Now, I'll be posting a series of party games on the blog,so if you've landed on this page from say,Google search,be sure you find other ones by searching for party games / couple games / kitty party games.

                This is the first in the series and it's a couple game.It can be played at parties where people know each other,or at those where people are new to one another.So games like these act as excellent ice breakers for your guests to open up and feel comfortable with each other.The activity and the laughter that accompanies such games make people friends for long terms,besides giving the host some precious time to fix up little things in the background,like a dinner table and off course the credit of playing a good host.

                 So to begin with,the ladies and gents stand in two rows facing each other.Then the hosts calls out names randomly and pairs all the couples.Now,the couples are told to have a look at each other and maybe know each other.

                 So what happens now is that people start asking each others name,job description,favourite colours etc etc.

                 Then after 2 minutes,the host/hostesses takes away all the ladies to another room/hall and asks them to remove their footwear,leave it their and go back and join their partners.As it is obvious,the partner has to bring the shoes/sandals back and the lady has to wear it.The couple who manages to do it first are the winners.

                 And here starts all the giggles.The ladies act smart by placing their shoes in specific locations,like behind the door,under the desk et al.They go back and tell their partners about the details of their footwear and where they have placed them.What they don't know is that the hosts are smarter people and they have extracted the footwear from all such locations,mixed them up thoroughly and left them as a pile.........LOL

                 So the ladies are busy explaining the location of their footwear and all possible and imaginable description of their shoes/sandals.

                  After the host signals the gents proceed with all the information in their head and then begins a mad scramble and hunt for the shoe that matches the description.And boy,when men know they are not being watched by ladies, they behave like school kids.A lot of jostling and jumping and shoes being thrown here and there.It is quite a sight to watch.So,if you're a host be sure you have the camera ready.

                   That's how it is played.People are smart enough to manage to bring back the described shoe.It is hilarious when a person brings a shoe after putting up quite a fight and is told by the lady it's not hers.......LOL.The reactions are too good to describe.And this happens quite a lot because their are a lot of slippers and sandals which belong to the same brand and are black or brown with buckles and straps.

                    And as a surprise, to add that finishing touch to playing that perfect host,the hosts also gives away a prize to the couple who could find it as the last or whose partner gave up...........:)

      Tips for playing this game-

1.Do not pair the people who are real life couples together.
2.The greater the number of people participate,the greater the chaos.
3.Ideally should be played with young people and also if your guests are sporting enough.

I wonder how it would be like if the game is reversed as all the gents shoes look almost the same!!!

Hope you enjoyed.And be sure to leave me a comment to let me know how did you find this game, which will encourage me to post more..........:)

Any variations or suggestions on improving this game are most welcome.
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So until next time,
Keep playing that perfect host.
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