Thursday, September 20, 2012

Answers to "Fun" party quiz / paper game / Word game

Hey everyone,

                The answers to the fun quiz are out now.
1. Pay back my money!                         Refund
2. Not functioning.                                  Defunct
3. Formal celebration.                            Function
4. A channel used for pouring.               Funnel

5. Causing laughter.                               Funny
6. For social causes.                             Fundraiser
7. Failure to work normally.                    Malfunction
8. Practical and useful.                          Functional
9. Modern and stylish.                            Funky
10. Basics.                                             Fundamental
11. Aided.                                               Funded
12. The ultimate truth.                            Funeral
13. An inflammatory condition.               Fungal infection
14. A sum of money saved                     Funds
15. Capable of curing.                            Antifungal

Hope you enjoyed.

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Until next time,
Keep smiling.
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