Monday, September 3, 2012

Place values - Teaching kids ones and tens

Hey everyone,

      Came up with a way of teaching a little kid the place values.Kids get confused when suddenly from numbers they are made to move on to place values and it becomes complicated for them.

So yet another post on helping them out and making it easy.

You'll need -

Popsicle sticks
Crystals with adhesive backing / Bindis

I used crystals because they are bright and are bound to attract attention of a child.However you can use bindis/round stickers if you have to teach to a mass,for e.g. in a classroom.

So here are the pics and I think they are self explanatory.

First of all teach them count and adding by 10's and grouping sets of 10's together.

Ones and tens place value for kids

Then move on to explaining ones and tens.

Teaching kids ones and tens place value

Place value activity for kids.

       Give every kid some bindis/stickers/rhinstones and popsicle sticks and ask them to show you a number and I'm sure within no time they'll get it.Easy for you to explain,easy for them to absorb....

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Did you like it or will you use this method in your classroom?Do you have another fun method to teach place values to kids?

Until next time,
Keep smiling.
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