Monday, August 6, 2012

Theme parties / ladies meet : Monsoon theme

Hello there,
               After a long while I attended a ladies meet.The theme was monsoon.So this post is basically a reminder to myself for future references rather than anything more.

Decor-          The hostesses did a nice decor.A beautiful rangoli in the shape of peacock was done at the door.And some small rangolis were made along the path and in the corners.

Some mor pankhi leaves were used with paper roses/flowers and taped to the doors and the walls.

Games-         The guests were given an envelope(cone shaped) with the tambola ticket and a blank paper(for the paper game).A mehendi cone was also given to each of the guests with a ribbon rose on it.The first game was a paper game.A chart paper was pasted on a whiteboard and some leaves stuck to it serial wise.Like there were tulsi leaves,neem leaves,pipal leaves, and so on.You had to identify them and write them on a blank paper.
                      The second game was a group game.Groups were distributed as per stickers on their envelope.They had 4 groups(stars,roses,barbie etc).Each group was given a hard board cut out in the shape of a girl which was pinned to a stand.Everyone was provided with a pair of scissors,some small and big sequins,stars and circular shaped,fevicol,red,green and golden coloured papers,some golden cello tape.Every group had to dress her up.(The group which won used the golden cello tape beautifully to make her stylish sandals and used strips of paper with sequins to decorate her purse.Not to forget the smart red off shoulder dress with a golden belt).People are wonderfully creative.
                        Raffle was given to the lady who had a coconut picture in her envelope, (given with the tambola ticket).
Eats-                The food as usual was simple.Chole(Indian chick peas) with some bread kind of rotis.Don't know what it is called.Dahi bade, litti chokha(homemade)and some varieties of green,imli chutneys,gulab jamun followed by tea.
            So that's what I remember as of now.Hope it helps if you plan to host a monsoon theme party.A long time ago we had hosted a monsoon theme part our self.Will try and find details of that one too depending on the response I get on this post .

That's it for now.

Have a great day everyone.
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