Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hair clips and acessory organizer / Hair bow holder / French memo board - A Tutorial

Hello everyone,
                 As I post this morning, I realize these kind of posts happen out of having loads of something in hand.For eg hair accessories - I used to buy a lot of it and now as I have started making my own accessories particularly the ribbon accessories ,I needed a way to store them properly.The ribbon accessories I have been posting tutorials of like the kroker(spiral) hair bows or the minnie mouse clippies or the rainbow ribbon hair clips and the all time favourite bows and satin ribbon rose flower clips ones are delicate and they go out of shape if they are stuffed inside boxes or bags.Plus there have been frustrating moments of hunting them down inside drawers and turning upside down the entire bag and still not being able to locate one of the two matching clips.If you have been there read on............:)
                    So the solution - A hair clip or hair accessory organizer or hair bow holder had to be come up with ,on which the clips are properly placed and easily found. And it is............

Hair clips and acessory organizer
A pretty butterfly hair organizer to organize your life and set everything in place.Not only does it organizes
it can make a li'l girls room look pretty and sweet.

So if you want to make it and have some time you can do it easily by following the pictures below.

You'll need -

Cardboard boxes
Decorative paper for the front and white chart paper for the back
Cello tape
Glue gun/Glue

Skills required -

None.You can do it......;)

Time required - 
Probably 2 hours

Easy steps to make your own hair accessories organizer -

Step 1 - Start by making butterfly parts on pieces of cardboard.I took 4 pieces of cardboard and free handed the shapes.That way it was easier.As I'm bad in drawing free hand I drew 1/4th part(upper) and traced the cut out on the other piece of cardboard so that I ended up with both the shapes exactly the same.Repeat the step for lower body part.Then glue them together.I used cello tape.
               However if you are good at free handing a butterfly you could take a single large piece of cardboard and draw it in a single go.........

Butterfly hair clip organizer step 1

Step 2 - Now cover it with some decorative paper and punch holes in the top part to insert ribbons for hanging.

Butterfly hair clip organizer step 2
Step 3 - Using a hot glue gun or fabric glue, glue the ribbon ends (on the reverse side) of your butterfly so that they run across the front side (horizontally) as can be seen below.You can choose any colour of the ribbon you like.Even use just a single colour if you don't have as many.Mine are spaced roughly 2-1/2 "(two and a half inches) apart.Don't forget to put a tiny glue dot bang in the middle of the ribbon to give some extra support to the ribbon.

Butterfly hair clip organizer step 4
Step 5 - Take some more ribbon and double it up.Put glue dot a few inches apart and stick these pieces vertically hanging down from the butterfly.And you are done with it.Now you can place your hair clips and head bands and hair bands and even ear rings on the ribbon slots.Everything looks so organized now.

Butterfly hair clips and hair accessory organizer
This is a little bit close up shot.

Butterfly hair clip organizer

Now you can see that I have placed all the clips randomly.You can also store your clips by colour coding,like all the pink ones go on the pink ribbon and all the red ones snap on to the red ribbon and so on.It's up to you.You can now hang it in a girls room or even on the inner side of your wardrobe door if you want to protect the precious accessories from dust.Either way it looks beautiful and not only your darling daughter but you'll love it too.If you are giving it a permanent place then use double sided tape on the backing to give it extra stability.

Other uses - This can also be used as a memo board or French ribbon board and can be used to communicate with other people or just slip in pics or other such stuff.For that you have to paste ribbons vertically as you did horizontally to create a grid like look.Put a dot of glue on the board where the ribbons intersect and then slip in the pics or sticky notes etc.Use it in your kitchen,office,classroom etc and decorate your workspace.

                   Hope you liked it.If there is any confusion/suggestion to improve please leave a comment,I'll try to get back to you.And don't forget to connect with us via Facebook , Google+ , Pinterest to get future updates...........:)

Until next time,
Keep smiling.
  ^ , ^

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