Thursday, September 13, 2012

Build your own indoor tent for kids

Hello there,
         I came up with this indoor tent for kids for two reasons.One,it is hot and humid and it being the rainy season, the mosquitoes won't let the kids play outside.Two,during the summer break I had to keep the kids busy.
         So,if you want to make it all you need is a double bed sheet,for that matter any bed sheet would do.The colourful, the better.I chose a white one and let the kids draw on it using stencils.You can see in the pic below,that it's still not finished as we ran out of time.Hopefully, we'll finish it in the next long vacations.And I may post the final pics then.

           To make this, all you have to do is to tie a clothesline(nylon rope which we usually use to dry our clothes) across the room, preferably above the bed.Lay the bed sheet on top and tie the ends to the bed and voila! it's done.
Indoor tent house using a bedsheet.

            Super easy and super fun.....Did the kids enjoy?? So much,that they wouldn't let me remove it even during the night time.They went to sleep inside the tent and it has been more then a day since it was put up and they are still playing.....Oh! what fun.This tent will remain special to them because they are drawing on it themselves.

Any suggestions on should the kids paint it, or leave it as such or what to use which is mess free,if they paint?

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