Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Minnie mouse clips - DIY

Hello there,
        I made these lil minnie mouse clips.They were easy to put together and took me just 15 minutes.To make these you'll need -

- Velvet cloth of your colour choice
- Some ribbon
- Clips
- Glue gun

First of all,cut the velvet in a minnie mouse shape.For this either, use a template available on the net or draw a circle for the face and two smaller circles for the ears.

 Next make bows out of ribbons.

Minnie mouse material required

Now just glue everything into place and you're done.Your clip is ready to be used by some darling girl....Easy peasy it is.Isn't it?

Minnie mouse clips

That's it for now.You can post the pics of this clip, if you make one, on our Facebook page......:)

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Until next time,
Take care
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