Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rainbow flower hair clips - Tutorial

Hey everyone,
I just completed this cute li'l rainbow ribbon flower clip and am ready with the pics.......:)

Rainbow ribbon flower clips

It is easy and I hope the directions are clear from the pics.So first things first.Lets get started with the material required-

7 Ribbon pieces 4 cm long in various colours of your choice.
A small piece of felt
Clip or hairband
Glue gun
Decorative button
Snap buttons/titch buttons(optional)

So to start with take the ribbon and cut 7 pieces of each colour measuring 4 cm long.

Ribbon pieces
Next place a dot of hot glue at the end of a piece.

Hot glue on ribbon piece
And paste the two ends like so,

Ribbon loop
Do this to all the pieces and you'll end up with a lot of colourful loops.

Rainbow ribbon loops
WOW!!!they look pretty.Next take a piece of felt and stitch one part of the titch button to a side.This has been done to make the ribbon flower portable and you can snap it onto a clip or a hairband or a bag etc.You can completely skip that step.

Now,start arranging the loops on the other side of the felt.I arranged them as the hues in a rainbow.You can play around a bit with yours.

Keep on layering with other colours as you go inside.I centered it with a rainbow coloured button and it was complete.Now cover a snap clip(tic tac clip) with ribbon and sew the corresponding part of titch button on it.
Note : You could also glue the clip directly onto a snap clip if you want the easy no sew version with a glue gun.
It looked pretty sitting on the hair of a pretty girl and I love it.

Hope you liked it.
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So until next time,
Take care.

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