Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer scrap book cover / Summer cards for school

Hi everyone,
           Summer is here in this part of the world.And this is a scrap book,I discovered a little while ago in my closet ,which I had made along with my kid a long while ago as school project.The topic was "Summer".

Summer scrap book cover / Summer cards for school
So this was the cover page.We made a sun and gave it a 3D dimension by doing paper mache along the edges,on the inside round shape and for the facial features and painted them.We made a glass of juice which was also 3D and had a raised look and inserted a straw in it.And our cool
looking sun also sported an umbrella.A blue coloured hand made paper was used as the base.I loved doing it and it looked good.
The inside had different pages like-
Summer fruits
Summer vegetables
Clothes I like to wear
Things I like to do
Weather report etc...

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for visiting.

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Until next time .
Enjoy the season.

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