Monday, May 7, 2012

Scrap book cover / Greeting Cards for kids school

Hello everyone,
This is a Scrap book cover we made for school of a first grader.It was simple and easy enough to be done by a kid of five.

Scrap book cover / Greeting card for kids

If you want to make it too,here are the steps-

1- Start by drawing two circles on a piece of white paper and cut them out.

2- Decide on the shape of the petals for your flower.Free hand the shape.Cut it out and use it as a template for making other petals.

3- Cut all the petals out.

4- Free hand the leaf shapes and a butterfly.

5- Take a thin bamboo stick for the stem of the flower.You can use it as such, as it gives a nice and brown natural look.Or, you could cover it with floral tape(as I did) or with ribbons or with a thin strip of paper.The choices are endless.

6- Take another strip of paper and make multiple vertical cuts to make it look like grass.For this step I used my multi cut scissor with 6 blades and it did my job faster .However you can use the normal scissor too for this purpose.

7- Cover the scrap book with a cover.I used a blue hand made paper for this purpose.Then glue everything down and you are done with it.

8- If you look at the picture carefully you will notice an awkward looking white piece of paper on the yellow flower.....LOL......Well,actually the yellow flower was used as a name and class tag and has been masked here for obvious reasons.

This is also a useful idea for making greeting cards for mother's day,teachers day,birthdays,or whatever...or for making classroom decorations.

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