Saturday, July 21, 2012

Version 2 - How to make a "Rakhi" for rakhi making competitions in schools

Hello everyone,
This is another version of the rakhi / rakhee I posted yesterday and probably easier one if your child can handle needle and thread.

If you missed out the earlier version I posted yesterday,you can find it by clicking on the pic below.

Rakhi making instructions - version 1

Material required -
- Beaded Lace
- Organza ribbon
- Matching thread and a needle
- Stones/buttons for decorating the center
- Piece of ribbon
- Glue

Skills Required -
If someone can handle the needle she/he can do it..........(Which essentially means NOT FOR KIDS)

Time Required -
30 mins

Method -
1- Start by doing a running stitch across the length of your lace as shown.

Rakhi making steps
 2 - Next pull the two ends of the thread in opposite directions so that pleats are formed in the lace.

Rakhi making instructions - Pulling the thread

3 - Then bring the two ends together tie a knot(on the wrong side of the lace) so that you have something that looks like this.

Rakhi making instruction - Tying the knot

  4 - Turn it over and your base is ready.......

Rakhi making instruction - The lace base

 5 - Now do the same to the organza ribbon so that you have something that looks like this.

Rakhi making instructions - The net lace base

6 - You're almost done now.Take the lace circle base.Glue the organza ribbon circle you just created on the top.Add a stone or a button in the center and a ribbon at the back and your rakhi is ready......

Rakhi for rakhi making competitions in schools

Hope the tutorial helped.You can post the pics of  your rakhees on our FB page if you make one following the above instructions.

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Until next time,
Take care
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