Thursday, October 25, 2012

Diwali kandils and lanterns tutorial

Hey everyone,

                I made these lamps with the tutorial given HERE.Only the dimensions have been changed and it's more like a cuboid one.The dimensions that I used for this one are 11 inches by 5 and a half inches which means you'll need 8 bamboo sticks which are 11 inches in length and 8 bamboo sticks which are 5 and a half inches in length.The paper that you use will also be of the dimension of 11 by 5 and a half inch.Rest all the procedure is same..

If you want to use it as a lamp shade or even consider giving it some legs it will look like this.

So the above lantern can be made by using the tutorial HERE.Hope the tutorial helps.

WARNING : Please do check about the fire safety of the paper before using it and use a very low wattage light to avoid any mishappening....And use fire retardant spray for paper.Do not use candles or other such burning things inside the lamp.These lamps are for outdoor use only.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.Any feedback is welcome.You can post the pictures of lamps you make using these tutorials on our FB Page.

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Ideas out of the mist wishes everyone a very, very Happy Diwali !!!!!!!!!!!!

You can find another version I made last year from HERE.

Until next time,
Take care.
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