Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fish Market - Couple Games / Ice Breaker Games for parties -2

Hey everyone,
                    Sharing with you today another couple game, which can act as an excellent ice breaker at any party that you host.Games like these help people to open up, if they don't know each other well ; Besides giving you an opportunity to host an entertaining party which people will remember for quite some time.
                    For this game you need a bigger space like a lawn, or if you're real fortunate to have a large drawing room that can act fine too.So for the preparation of this game all you have to do is to create a list of 15 common household products.I'll make a sample list for you.

1. Maggi
2. Lizol
3. Dhania powder
4. Lunch box
5. Tawa
6. Agarbatti
7. Mobile phone
8. Soap dispenser
9. Socks

Get it printed.Move the items
in the list here and there so that the second list is different form the first one.Continue shuffling the items in the list to generate different lists.So if you are having 10 guests which will break them into 5 couples,you'll need 5 randomly ordered list.The randomly ordered part is the most important part for the success of this game.
Also keep as many blank papers ready.
                   So after your guests arrive ,to start the game pair them up with people that they don't know or who are not real life couples.Then make them all stand at a long distance apart like,at the opposite ends of the lawn with couples facing each other.So the ladies are standing on one end, side by side(like people are lined up at the beginning of a short distance race), serial wise with a blank paper and a pen,while their partners are standing across them with the lists given to them by the hosts.
                    Now announce that each of the men has to read out the list in serial order and the lady has to copy it in the exact same sequence on her blank paper.And they have two minutes to do so.Also tell them it is important that they copy the list serial no wise like at no1 in the above list it should be Maggi only,otherwise the answer will be marked wrong.
                     Sounds easy.It isn't.For as the game starts and if you have a big crowd (we had 15 couples),everybody is screaming at the top of their voices and it gets all mixed up.It literally becomes a "FISH MARKET".So while the men are screaming the items from their list, the ladies are asking for what to write at a particular number.And the scene is like if you ask- What's at number four you'll hear maggi,lizol,and socks all coming up from all the directions and you can really not make out which one was said by your partner because you don't recognize his voice.............And the scene is same at the other end while you ask -at no 5??? he hears no 7,3,5,8 at the same time............LOL..........Oh what fun!
                      At the end of the given time the corresponding papers are corrected and the couple who ends up with the maximum correct answers wins.This game is very simple and requires the least amount of preparation.Besides it can be adapted for various themes like for a birthday party game you can change the list to balloons,cakes,gifts,treats.For a baby shower party game you could modify the list to baby carriage,diapers,bottles etc and so on and so forth.

Tip : If you happen to play this game at a party and are getting frustrated because you just cannot make out what's being spoken,start playing dumb charades and instead of screaming the number just show the number with fingers.The chances of mix up reduces with this and you'll get a lot of them correct.

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