Friday, December 28, 2012

Favourites from the year 2012.....A review post from Ideas out of the mist.

Hey everyone,
                As we reach the end of the year 2012 and welcome the next, I have put together a post of my favourite posts from the blog in the year 2012.So in case you'd missed any one of them just click on the pic / link and you'll land on the original post.

So let's begin with January.It was a very simple one with the basic idea of recycling and yet one among the most popular post on the blog.
A popsicle stick(ice cream sticks) pen stand.

In February came the ribbon bow ring post with the tutorial.

March saw the spiral ribbon hair clip tutorial.

In April I wrote a post on a handmade flower invitation cards for birthdays with a tutorial and it turned up well.

In May this year came the summer scrap book cover that I had made using the paper mache technique.

In June, I was on vacation and did not post anything.......:)

In July,  came many posts.But the one which is the most popular post from the blog till date was the rakhi making one with tutorial.The response it got surprised me.

And another one from this month was the school bus prop one.This is again a popular post.

In August I posted  a very pretty hair clips and accessory organizer / french memo board / hair bow holder with a tutorial.I love this one.

September  saw some posts on party games.A fun paper quiz can be found here.

And then came a number of posts on how to make Diwali lamps.Everyone was unique but my favourite one is this one.

November saw the handmade Monsoon themed invitation card for ladies meet / kitty.

And the final post is from December. It was a handmade evening gown birthday party invite.And I think this is the BEST creation of the year.It looked so elegant and girly and pretty.

So that's it.Hope you enjoyed the posts from this year.And I shall see you next year with some more of them.Don't forget to follow us on FacebookPinterestGoogle+ to stay connected and get latest updates.......:)

Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year.......:)

Until next time,
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