Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Friendship Day

It's friendship day again.I made some friendship bracelets along with my kids,for their friends.
The pink and blue one was done by my daughter and the yellow and red one by my son for their respective friends.

The multicolored arrow shaped chevron bracelet was done by my son for himself.......:) and the pink and red bracelet was done by my daughter for herself again.........:)

So we made these 4 friendship bracelets this year.The kids enjoyed and so did I.These are easy to make.The only trouble was finding the right thread in this town which limited us to have only 4 colour combinations.

 So this is it.The kids enjoyed making them as they could choose their favourite colour combinations and one can easily see the pride on their face once they finished their work.

Happy Friendship Day to all of you too......:)

Until next time,
Keep smiling


  1. These friendship bracelets looks so adorable. I love their bright color it really reflects a sense of happiness.
    I wanna see if I can make something like that for my girlfriends

  2. Thanks Hilda...You sure can.....:)

  3. Hi mausi can you show us how you made it???



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