Friday, February 17, 2012

DIY - Ribbon bow ring for kids

Hi everyone,
If you did read my last post on DIY - Fabric ribbon, rose finger rings for kids and liked it,here is another one for you.If ,however, by any chance you missed it you can find it HERE.

So, today I'm writing a fabric ribbon, bow ring tutorial
for you.You'll need-

Some fabric ribbon of your choice
Fabric glue or a glue gun
An old ring/Adjustable toe ring
A pair of scissors

 Choose a ribbon of your choice and make a bow out of it.Then you could either wrap the center of your bow with the same colour, or pick up a contrast colour as I did.

And that's it.Glue this bow on an old ring or make yourself a new one with wire.And you're done.Another new ring in 5 minutes and looks lovely........Enjoy........:)

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Have a great time.
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