Friday, February 10, 2012

DIY - Rose finger ring for kids

It has been some time since I last blogged.However I have been adding teeny meeny updates on the Facebook page.So if you are still not following the page you can find it here-

Today, I am sharing here, a ring I made for my daughter.A simple rose ring made out of the most ordinary things lying around in the house.

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You'll need-

Some fabric ribbon of your choice
Fabric glue or a glue gun
An old ring/Adjustable toe ring

Yeah that's it.

So ladies, what do you do with your old toe rings(worn by married Indian ladies).I have loads of them and they were lying in a bag until I jumped on this idea.Firstly you have to learn how to make fabric ribbon roses.I figured out that there are a lot of videos on  youtube which teach you how to make them.So I decided not to bother youtube again by uploading one of my own(So nice of me.........:p).So head off to youtube search for "ribbon roses" ,watch the video and come right back.

Now if you have got the idea of making the rose,make one of yours and hot glue(or fabric glue whichever you prefer) it to your ring.Put another piece of ribbon on the back of the ring to neaten up the back and voila you are done.You can wear them or make them for younger kids.I made one for my daughter and she was delighted.She has ordered a yellow,blue and pink one for her........:)

 Hope you enjoy making these rings as much as I did.They are adorable and look simply awesome.

Until next time.
Enjoy crafting.
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  1. Please accept our order in all possible colors!!!Lets make it a TOD order (Thanks on Delivery!!!) ;)



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