Thursday, January 22, 2015

Handmade album for a little girl

Hey everyone,
                I hope everyone is having a great 2015.Today I'm sharing pics of a handmade album ,which has kept me occupied since long.It is a huge album which accommodates around 100 pictures and has been specially designed for a little girl.So without further delays here are some pics.

 It is huge as you can see,it accommodates loads and loads of pics.The embellishments are all die cut and the butterfly has been embossed with pink powder.


A close up shot of the flowers I used.These flowers were also die cut.I used pink and white pearls on the grid and some swirls around the flowers.

Another closeup of the sentiment I placed on the flap that serves as the album closure.I used Velcro pieces to keep the album closed.

Now coming to the inside,there were a variety of pages with different styles to display the pics.I will show you some of them.On this particular page the pics will be stuck on the blue and pink part.

This page has photo mats inserted inside the pockets.

This page has flaps to stick pics on the outside and inside.In the pic below you can see an open and a closed flap.

More pages.

On the following page a pic can be pasted on the cover and another one can be pasted on the blue photo mat and inserted inside the yellow pocket

More pockets for more pictures.

And then my favourite page.This page has place for pictures and as you pull down the brown tab new pictures and places for journaling  starts to appear and pages start to open up as in a flip book.

This is another beautiful page, as you pull out the purple tab on the right,a pic also emerges from the purple tab on the left.It's so magical.Love it.

Another page with space for pictures and tags and for journaling.

This page had a lot of spots for little passport size pics.

And this page had a very girly look with a doll and all those butterflies and a spot for the pic.

So that's it for now.Hope you enjoyed.It is a treasure for a little girl and some memories.I had a lovely time making this and playing with all the papers and ideas.And now I have a tougher job ahead.I have to design another album for a boy which is a challenging task.And let's see how it shapes up.

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Until next time,
Happy crafting.
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